Adding All Lithuania Database to Your ShtetLinks Site #lithuania

Ada Greenblatt <ada.Greenblatt@...>

Coming fresh >from the excellent JewishGen Workshop at the LA Seminar on how
to create one's own ShtetLinks Page, conducted by Rachel Unkefer, I have
begun working on a ShtetLinks site for Seta (although it will be many moons
before it is ready).

The sample template of a homepage for Lazdijai, Lithuania in the JewishGen
ShtetLinks directory under "Creating Your Own ShtetLinks Site" provides for
links to the JGFF, HaMelitz and HaMagid searchable databases, but it does
not yet do so for the brand new All Lithuania Database, so I have just
created one for it.

To add the All Lithuania Database to the Searchable Databases section of
your current or upcoming ShtetLinks page, please use the following HTML
language, substituting the name of your particular shtetl for all
occurrences of YOURSHTETL (all caps or initial cap only for the name of your
shtetl is your choice).

<!--The following searches the All Lithuania database for -->

<LI><B><STRONG>All Lithuania Database (for YOURSHTETL)
<FORM Method="POST"
<P>Click the button to show YOURSHTETL names >from the All Lithuania
Database--use the "Back" button on your browser to return to here
<B><A HREF="">(About the All
Lithuania Database)</A></B>
<input name="srch" TYPE="hidden" VALUE="YOURSHTETL">
<input name="srch2" TYPE="hidden" VALUE="TD">
<INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Search the All Lithuania Database">

I tried it for Seta and it works. No, I am not an HTML expert though -- I
am "winging it" <g>.

Ada Greenblatt