am looking for a lost family member Leentje Rimini-Diamant #general

Paul Beek

Dear all

Since 1945 this family member is missing, noboby has heard from her since she was supposed to be in camp Westerbork september 11,1942.
The camp has no data on her. Have asked ITS, USHMM. NIOD etc, so far nobody knows. On her card in Amsterdam archives she is VOW, 
gone without known destination.
Wife of Jechiel Rimini (1868-1930) and mother of Jacob, Philip and Rachel Roselaar-Rimini, all killed in the Holocaust, a daughter Elisabeth
died in 1912.
Last known adress Nieuwe Kerkstraat 16 Amsterdam which was a home for elderly Portugese Israelite women.

Whoever has known her, about her, seen her etc, please let me know and solve this mystery, thanks you all

--with best regards

Paul Beek
the Netherlands