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jeremy frankel

Dear Genners,

You don’t have to wait for an email alert from Ancestry to see if you have any new matches. Go to your DNA list of matches and at top right where it says ‘Sort’ you can sort by newest to oldest. The ones at the top will be from the last seven days (as it says at top left).

Jeremy G Frankel
formerly Edgware, Middlesex, England
now Sacramento, California, USA

Searching for:
FRANKEL/FRENKEL/FRENKIEL: Gombin, Poland; London, England; GOLDRATH/GOLD: Praszka, Poland; London, England
KOENIGSBERG: Vilkaviskis, Lithuania; London, England; NY, USA; LEVY (later LEADER): Kalisz, Poland; London, England
PINKUS, Poland; London, England
PRINCZ/PRINCE: Krakow, Poland; London, England; NY, USA

Ralph Baer

I was the original poster. As was suggested by one person who posted on-line and one who sent me a private message, Ancestry probably did no testing for the Holiday season. It is now churning out new results again. I have gotten 475 new matches in the last couple of days. It's both good and bad being a member of an endogamous group. :-) 
Ralph N. Baer        RalphNBaer@...       Washington, DC

Paul A. Auerbach

In addition to sorting my Ancestry DNA matches from newest to oldest, I always click the "Shared DNA" button at the top of the page and enter a custom cM range starting with 40 cM.  That eliminates dozens of small, likely endogamous, matches and leaves me with a manageable list of new matches.
Paul Auerbach
Sharon, Massachusetts, USA


ARONSON /ARENSON (Podolia (Gubernia), Ukraine), ATTELL/ETTEL (Krakow, Poland),  (AUERBACH / AVERBUKH / KHAZEN-AVERBUKH (Chisinau, Moldova), BARR (Kreslavka, Latvia),  
BECK (Krakow, Poland), BENJAMIN (Ostrolenka, Poland), BLODEK/WLODEK (Krakow, Poland), CALKE / SELKA (Ostrolenka, Poland), CHAKIM / KHAKIM (Maisiagala / Musninkai/ Vilnius, Lithuania), 
DAVIDSON (Traby, Belarus), DREYEK (Krakow, Poland), HALTZMAN/HOLZMAN (Chisinau, Moldova), HURWITZ / HURVICH (Musninkai, Lithuania), ITCHOFF (Lechowitz, Belarus), 
KAPLAN (Dzyarzhynsk / Minsk, Belarus), KUKLA (Rezekne, Latvia), LAZAROWITZ / LEISEROVICI (Iasi, Romania), LEVINE /LEVIN / LEWIN (Traby, Belarus), MESCHER/MEZAK (Odessa, Ukraine), 
MINKIN (Rezekne / Kaunata, Latvia), NEEDLE / NUDELL (Odessa, Ukraine & Lechowitz, Belarus), NESIS / NESSIS (Zinkiv, Ukraine), PELICAN / PELIKAN (London, England & Tarnow / Krakow, Poland), 
PINCUS/PIKUS (Dzyarzhynsk / Minsk, Belarus), ROSENLICHT (Krakow, Poland), SHAFFMAN (Lechowitz, Belarus), TAFFET (Krakow, Poland), WEINER/VENER (Vilnius, Lithuania)

Erica Fox Zabusky

i just watched a very informative webinar sponsored by JewishGen which showed how to narrow down the hundreds/thousands of results to the few people with the best match for amount of DNA, size of centiMorgans and length of segments. By fulfilling the various criteria, you end up with a handful of people that is worthwhile connecting with. i think it's on their youtube channel, perhaps someone here can post a link to it. the presenter went through the various DNA testing companies' websites to show you how to go about it. good luck!

Erica Fox Zabusky
ZABUSKI - Czestochowa, Sochaczew
BRAUN, PANKOWSKI - Czestochowa
FIKSEL, RUDMAN - Izaslav, Slavuta, Odessa, Kharkov
POLISZUK, GOLDMAN - Izaslav, Slavuta