Andrew Zalewski to Retire from the Board of Gesher Galicia #galicia

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After eight years of professional, highly dedicated and very productive service on the Board of Gesher Galicia, Andrew Zalewski has announced that he will be stepping down from the Board at the end of June 2022. We wish to place on record the numerous contributions Andrew has made over the past eight years, including in the fields of research, public education, and our quarterly journal, the Galitzianer.

Starting with the Galitzianer, Andrew transformed this from an occasional newsletter (with a rather mixed content in terms of quality, indifferent proofreading, and irregular appearances) into a respected journal of a high standard. The quality of the publication has been maintained under Jodi Benjamin's editorship, whom Andrew has also done much to support.

On public education, Andrew traveled frequently until the Covid pandemic began, talking to groups around the world on a variety of Galician topics, raising public awareness of Jewish Galician history and culture, as well as the standing of Gesher Galicia. Many new members came to Gesher Galicia as a result of these talks - from London to Los Angeles, Kraków to Melbourne, and Ottawa to Tel Aviv.

Andrew's meticulously planned executed research projects included, first, the Josephine and Franciscan Cadastral Surveys Project. This project, began in late 2015, sourced and indexed over 100 Galician property record files from the late 1780s and the 1820s, in many cases from towns for which there were few, if any, vital records, at least from the early period of Galicia. This was followed by the Medical Students project, producing genealogical information from sources Gesher Galicia not previously been involved in, including from universities in Prague, Pest (Budapest), Kraków, and Lemberg/Lwów/Lviv. After that, Andrew coordinated the Petitions project, examining lists of petitions from 1848, from residents of Galician towns to the Reichstag (the pan-Austrian parliament) in Vienna, lobbying for and against the proposal to divide the province. Most recently, Andrew led the project on Galician Jewish students in Vienna's trade and business universities in the first decades of the 20th century.

Gesher Galicia owes a huge debt of gratitude to Andrew. We encourage others to join us on the Board in thanking Andrew and wishing him much success in his future endeavours, including his plans for writing.

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