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Shalom friends, 

I am researching my family from Jedwabne, Poland. They were murdered in the 1941 massacre in Jedwabne. As you may know, there is a definitive book on the massacre in the Holocaust, there: THE CRIME AND THE SILENCE by Anna Bikont. 

I have purchased a copy of this book. My family is mentioned more than once. I would like to contact Anna Bikont to find out what other records she may have of my family. However, I could not find her email or any details online. 

I was wondering if anyone here might know how her email address or other contact details. It will be very helpful for my research. 

Thank you. 

With very best wishes, 

Yoav Aran 
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Sherri Bobish


I suggest writing to Anna Bikont's publisher.  I once contacted the author of a book in which my family was mentioned by sending a letter to the publisher of her book.  It worked, and the author contacted me quickly.


Sherri Bobish