Any experience with HIstorical Population Database of Transylvania? #romania


I've visited the website mentioned in the title of this message, with a web address of  It appears to be university based and covers births, marriages, and deaths in Transylvania. My great grandparents were from Timisoara, Jakab Klein and Eugenia Stein. (I did find a burial record for Eugenia Klein on Jewishgen.) The listings in the Translyvania database include residence of person searched as well as "location today." At first, it appeared this was going to be a great resource.

Well, the search capabilities are not great. I could not find Timisoara anywhere and this is a major town. I did have success searching on last names only but that brought up many pages. Of course, there are multiple people with the same or similar first and last names. I thought about contacting them through their "Contact Us" but I hesitate to provide my email as their website is not secure and there are many hackers in that area.

Is anybody familiar with this website? Any successes searching for your ancestors? Advice appreciated. Thank you!

Eugenia Bachert


As far as I know Timisoara was not part of Transylvania but of the BANAT region. The Romanian National Archive's Timisoara branch may be the place you need to research. However, their registers has not yet been digitalized, so you may want to hire a local researcher who can visit the place in person, or try to request copies directly, if you want to extract data from their archives. I did so myself and he provided the relevant copies I asked for, but, unfortunately, this specific researcher is no longer available. There may be others.

Another good source of information is the old burial record kept by the Jewish Community of Timisoara, who may be helpful in finding data over individuals buried in the local Jewish cemeteries, including the exact location of graves. (Looking at headstones may provide valuable additional information!).


Emeric Lewy

Stockholm, Sweden

Theo Rafael

Couple observations. The non secure warning just means that the site was not upgraded to https protocol, it's basically of no consequence if all you do is provide your email :) My understanding is that it means that communication with the site could theoretically be eavesdropped while travelling between you and that site. It used to be the standard for nonbanking communications up until a few years ago. No biggie.
Basically the non secure warning means that it's an old site that wasn't upgraded. Also, with all the attention it got, I see that the site crashed as it can't handle the load, and can't be accessed :)

On the other hand, malicious hackers build secure sites precisely as to not draw unnecessary attention to security warnings. 

Even if we take it to the extreme and assume that someome steals your email address, the most they can do is spam it. So if that's of possible concern, use an address which can be discarded if it gets spammed.

Second, I would try to search on Ancestry as they scanned many of the Romanian Archives jewish BDM records and indexed them. Most of it is a duplication of what's available as indexes on Jewishgen but sometimes one has things that the other doesn't. In addition it's awesome to be able to see all the original records, many times there is additional non-transcribed info or errors in the transcription. These are all written in Hungarian or rarely in German.

You could also try Familysearch but they have very few records from what has become part of Romania.

Lastly as someone suggested earlier, you could write to the Romanian archives but it's a cumbersome, lengthy process as they make you fill out forms and don't have the info digitized so they have to manually look through their files which takes months. There are some Romanian genealogy groups on FB on which people posted their experience in doing this.

Theo Rafael

The list of places that appear in the database is in this article:

Bogdan Crăciun, Elena Crinela Holom, Vlad Popovici Historical Population Database of Transylvania: Methodology Employed in the Selection of Settlements and Micro Zones of Interest

See the article in the site:
Craciun et al (

Timisoara is not part of the database.

Chag Sameach, 

Jacob Shayzaf, Israel