Are "Muni" and "Munya" and a Question about Emigration to England #unitedkingdom

Gary Gershfield

As I mentioned in a previous email, my paternal grandfather was Munia Gershfeld, from Druzhkopol, Volhynia. I have seen it also spelled Monia.  The family story was that Monia bribed an official to get my grandfather out of the country around 1909/1910.
Monia and 2 of grandfather's brothers were murdered in Druzhkopol, and thrown in a Mass Grave in 1942.
My grandfather emigrated to England before coming to the US in 1913.
I hit a brick wall, as far as, why did my grandfather go to England. He would have been about 14 years old. 
I could not locate him on the Hamburg Passenger Lists.
Was there family in England that we did not know about?
I did a lot of research, but came up with no mystery family.
Gary Gershfield
Forest Hills,NY