Argentina naturalization records? STAHL

Sheryl Stahl

I was wondering if anyone could give me more information about the Argentinian naturalization process.
I looked at the Jewishgen Argentina infofile, but saw only that some records are available and it doesn't say when the file was updated. Most of the links seem to be dead.

I'm trying to made a side-run around the brick wall of my ggf, Bernard/Barney Stahl. Family legend has it that some of his siblings went to Argentina. I tend to believe it because I found a record for one of my uncle's traveling there. But I do not know any of the sibling's names.

1. what was the process of becoming naturalized in Argentina around the turn of the century
2. Are any records available online? (some of the links on the info page are dead)
3. are there ship manifests for ships docking in Argentina around the turn of the century (any available online?)

Sheryl Stahl (Los Angeles)

Suwalki (RAKOVSKI, OKRAGLINSKI,) Wizajni (RAKOVSKI) Kalvarja
Odessa (STESSEL) Pervomaysk (STESSEL)  Grzymalow (LANDAU) Kolomyya (STAHL,


Marion Werle

There is a Facebook group called "Grupo de AGJA "Paul Armony," dedicated to the topic of Jewish genealogy in Argentina. I'm sure somebody in that group could point you in the right direction.

Marion Werle
Los Angeles, California

Alberto Guido Chester

In Argentina, naturalization is a judicial (as opposed to administrative) process.

For this reason, naturalization cases are scattered in many federal courts around the country.

In my experience, I have been unable to find my own father's naturalization file, even I do know the federal court and date when it took place (65 years ago).

It is not impossible, but I do not recomend this venue of research.

Immigration records for Buenos Aires can be found ar Cemla buscador. Note they are incomplete and to not have Soundex capability so try different spellings.

Tha Buenos Aires Kehila at has a cemetery database for Jewish individuals. Again, no Soundex capability.

The Argentine Jewish Genealogy Association is not working any more. But some members (including myself) are on this list and usually answer questions.


Alberto Guido Chester
Buenos Aires, Argentina


Alberto, is there a way to search for graves in Argentina? The relative I am looking for is not Jewish.
Cheers, Pieter


Many thanks Alberto Guido Chester for your assistance. We may not have located a grave (yet), however I have learned alot about European immigration in Argentina.