BERGER family antecedents #lithuania

Sandy&Mike Berger <smberg@...>

Would appreciate hearing >from anyone with additional information on, or
who can help me find pertinent information in Lithuania regarding my
great-grandparents, Graenum Falk and Nachama Yochevet BERGER and
their antecedents.
They had six children. She and the six (all adults) and their spouses
(five were married in "old" country, one after arrival in US) and their
children, all came to the US circa 1895-1905. All noted below born in
Lithuania. ALL children/descendants born later in US are known. Lack any
information as to siblings, parents, and so forth of Graenum Falk
Suspect he may have had sister, Hannah, who had three sons. No other
information known. None came to America as far as we know.
Children of Graenum Falk BERGER and Nachama Yochevet:
- Son Hyman BERGER married Deborah Krever in 1886.
Children: Max, Moe Aaron born 9-1888, Henry, Graenum
- Son Itzig Ber BERGER (my GF) born 1869 was twice married, first to
Rivka Potishvonsky who had two children, Sadie born 10-15-1892 in
Vilnius, and Morris (Moses?) Aaron born 1-15-1894. She died with third
child. Second wife Batya Cohen born 1875, bore one child Rachel
10-5-1902, later three more in US (including my father, Graenum BERGER).
- Son Morris BERGER, married Rose Leavitt. Children Ida and Jean.
- Daughter Sarah Ethel Berger married Israel SHAPIRO. Children Francis
born 9-10-1895, Edith, Maurice.
- Daughter Pauline Berger born 1875. Married after arrival in US.
- Daughther Fannie Berger born 1877, married Joseph BRICKMAN in 1898.
Child Leah born 7-15-??.
BERGER family generally referred to VILNIUS as their "home," but they
may have all been born in KUPISKIS.
Nachama came to the US in 1899 or 1900. Graenum Falk did not come to US.
Hyman and Deborah Berger and at least two children (Max and Moe Arron)
came to US >from Vilnius in 1898. Hyman was a Talmudic student. Deborah
operated a bakery in Vilnius.
Itzig owned a feed store in Vilnius. Batya worked in the store. Itzig
left for US in 1904 and went to Pennslyvania to peddle. Batya and
children followed in 1905, departing >from Souwalki (Poland) sailing >from
Hamburg, Germany on the S.S. Blucher. She and children arrived in NY
on September 3, and traveled to Pennsylvania. They later settled in
Gloversville, NY.
Pauline Berger came to the US >from Kovna in 1898.
Joseph Brickman was a tailor. He went to Capetown, South Africa in
1900. Wife and child followed him there. All later came to US.
Thanks in advance,
B. Michael (Mike) Berger
Vienna, VA (suburb of Washington, DC)