Berlin, Germany records 1910s to 1930s? #germany #records

A. E. Jordan

If someone immigrated into Germany from the Ukraine circa 1915 and lived in or near Berlin till the early 1930s, what type of records exist?
They likely arrived with school age children. I do not believe anyone died in Berlin but instead they fled with the rise of the Nazis and stayed in Egypt till after World War II.
It would be very helpful to find any type of immigration records or something like a census listing to show the names of everyone in the family.
Ultimately I need to know the parents of the progenitor of the line to confirm that this is a missing branch of my family from the Ukriane.
The family name is KAPLUN. The oldest male is Boris and his wife Adele. 
Thank you for any assistance.
Allan Jordan

Rodney Eisfelder

The easiest records to check from Berlin are the Berlin Adressbuch, which can be viewed starting from
I think I found Boris KAPLON in the 1930 edition
with occupation given as Buchdruckereibes[itzer]. (book printer owner) and living at 24 Motz strasse.

Ancestry also have this edition of the address book, as well as a phone book (where the surname is KAPLUN).
But you want to see the entire family...
In that case, you want the residents cards (Einwohnermeldekartei) for the family. These give a lot of information.
You get the names, date and place of birth, for every member of the household together with when they arrived and when they left each address they lived in.
These can be requested from the Landesarchiv Berlin. See:
It is all in German, but there is a link to an English language order form.

I hope this helps,
Rodney Eisfelder
Melbourne, Australia