Bessarabia family names translated #bessarabia

Steven Lotkin

How can I view the various Bessarabia family names translations?
I am looking for Russakoff, Russakow.
Steven Lotkin

Yefim Kogan


What do you mean by "family name translations"?

If you want to know the origin of that name,  that I can help you with.  JewishGen and Bessarabia SIG are not going to answer that question,  but "A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Russian Empire" by Alexander Beider will tell you a lot of the name.
The name you asked is Русаков - RUSAKOV.  You can find a burial record in Kishinev cemetery for RUSAKIV, Naum.

The name is of Toponymic category (from the names of towns/villages): village of Rusaki, Vitebsk district or Gorky district or from village Rusakovo (Drissa district or Polotsk district.
The name also might be of Personal characteristics from Russian word Rusij - blond.

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Yefim Kogan
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