Beth David Cemetery. Elmont, Queens NY #usa #photographs

A. E. Jordan

I am going to be visiting Beth David to do some photos on Sunday weather permitting.
I would be happy to try and assist with requests, but this is a challenging cemetery.  They do not have a public database.
Please I need names, dates, locations including society name and it helps if you can call the office and get not only the block number for the plot but also which street it faces.
I am happy to try but please no generic I think this person is there requests.
Happy to answer questions as well. I do appreciate but do not require a few dollars in return... I just had to buy a new camera to do these requests.
Hope I can help a few people to get some photos before winter sets in here in the northeast ... but the forecast for Sunday is cold and raw. I will work till the rain starts Sunday afternoon.
Allan Jordan
New York
aejordan @ aol . com


while my folks are buried in Bayside, I still must thank you for your service to all of us, especially those who are out of state (like me).  I have no idea where in Bayside they are or else I would send you the info.
Thanks again,
Ed Frank
Sun City Center, FL


You are doing so many good deeds by searching for people at Beth David. I can barely find my own grandparents, even though I’ve been there many times. The groundskeepers have worked very hard cleaning it up, so it’s not as tangled as before. I wish you good luck. 

Reba Harris Solomon



Bayside Cemetery, where you said your parents are buried, is NOT in Bayside.  It is in Ozone Park Queens. lists over 100 Franks in Bayside Cemetery.  Bayside is owned by Congregation Shaare Zedek in Manhattan, which has been cleaning-up the cemetery in the recent past.  You can email or call them.  Perhaps they can give you the locations and tombstone photos.

Good luck!

Mark Weinberg
Wilmington, DE

Peter Cohen

The people in the office at Beth David have always been very nice to me. In some cemeteries the staff becomes hostile when you ask for a list of different grave locations and tell you you should have written in advance. (Invariably these same people don't reply when you actually do write in advance.) At Beth David, this has never been a problem, although that might change if the list was too long.  One nice thing about their system is that they give you a printout that can fit up to four locations on the same map and prints a letter corresponding to the person's name, on the map, in the approximately location of the grave, relative to the block they are in. This enables you to map out the most efficient path to do your work without running back and forth across a large cemetery.
Peter Cohen