Brickwall Help - Mordechia ben Avraham died in England in 1851 #unitedkingdom


I was stuck on my 3rd great grandfather's parents but recently confirmed that Samuel Abrahams' parents were Marcus Abrahams/Abrams and Maria ? Abrahams/Abrams.  Samuel died in England in 1849 of Cholera.  Marcus died in 1851 in England.  I have been provided with a copy of his gravestone (found on this website) which is in Hebrew.  His name is Mordechia ben Avraham on the gravestone.  I have determined that he also had a daughter, Charlotte who married Samuel Davis in England around 1825 +/- 2 years. 

I am wondering if anyone could help me with finding more out about Marcus ie where he was born, could be Germany, who his wife was, when and where were they married, maybe where Samuel and Charlotte were born and if there were additional children born to them.  I have found Insurance policies listed on this website for Marcus as well.  I have his location in 1841 and 1851 in England. 

Any help would be most appreciated.

Thank you,
Jennifer Smith

Jill Whitehead

Where in Britain did your family live Jennifer - there were 35,000 Jews in Britain in 1851 and they lived all over the country - including Scotland and Wales as well as England. They lived all points south, east, west and north of the British isles and not just in London.

The 1851 British Jewry database would help here, but you need to know place as well as name. In 1851 many emigrants were going to the North of England/Scotland/Wales because of the Industrial Revolution. 

I expound on this in the next edition of Shemot, the magazine of the JGSGB, due out shortly. 

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK


Good morning.  Thank you for responding.  I did not find Marcus in the link you provided.  I have found him on the 1851 England Census living with his granddaughter (Hannah (Davis) Lyon, her husband John Lewis Lyon, their son (William Wolfe Lyon) and his other granddaughter, Hannah's sister, Elizabeth Davis, in Ulverston, Lancashire, England.  He states his age is 80, Widowed, Retired Tailor, born in Old, I believe Gilsea, Germany, British Subject. 

His son Samuel, lived in Bolton Le Moors, Lancashire, England but moved to Nantwich, Cheshire, England, where he passed away.  

Samuel converted from Judaism to Church of England in 1844, where he lists his parents names (Marcus and Maria) and when he died his father was listed.  That is the only information I found regarding his parents.  I believe, and the family tale is, that when he married his wife, she was a Christian, his family disowned him.  

Jennifer Smith 


FamilySearch has some records for Abrahams 

Do you have access to Ancestry? There are some records and family trees for Charlotte Abrahams/Abrams and Samuel Davis. One record shows her death in New York.

You also might try the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain -

Dassy Wilen