Cleveland cousins family of Sara (Sora)( Reznik, RESNICK ( Lipeles) and Louis LIPELES #usa


I am in search of information regarding my father's family.  My father was the oldest child of Sara (Sora)( Reznik, Resnick) ( Lipeles) and Louis Lipeles.  My grandparents came to the US separately  about 1912 and unmarried to NY.  They married and settled in NJ, winding up in Newark, NJ.  My father was born in 1917 in NY and he had two sisters, Vera (1919) and Esther (1925).
Louis was the son of Solomon LipelesShraga Feifel) and Sara Gorfein (a cousin).  He had a brother Joe (Fannie) and sisters Rebecca (Max) Gorfein, Elsie (Max Meisel) and Mirium (Harry Levine) all settlling in NY.
Sara was the daughter of Elias Reznik and Minnia (Keller) and had sisters Rose and Lena.  She also had brothers Irving, Louis Jack and Max.
While living in Newark, Sara would pack up the 3 children and take them annually to visit cousins in Cleveland, Ohio.  They would sleep in the bunks and would awake in Cleveland.   I have no idea the names of the cousins and which side of the family they came from (Lipelles or Reznik).
I believe they came around the mid 1920s.
Sherry Kamens
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