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My Father was at the orphanage 1915-6 for 4 years. Are there records from the orphanage stored somewhere?  Belfaire was what he remembered and served on their Board for many years. I have read the book “outside looking In. I know he was very bright and they helped him return to University of Wisconsin. His three  bothers and one sister were there too his name was Paul L Moskowitz and was a lawyer in Milwaukee They went to the orphanage bEcause his Mother died of Sepsis after a criminal abortion. The Dad was unable to care for them and no family could not either.  Any info would be appreciated. 

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Judy Petersen

Hi Bernis,
     Back in 1999 I was able to get copies of the index cards with the name, date of birth, date of admission, date of discharge and to whom, and names of siblings.
     I don't know if that is still the case but you can try writing The Bellefaire Jewish Children's Bureau, 22001 Fairmount Blvd., Shaker Heights, OH, 44118, or call them at (216) 932-2800 (information on the letterhead from 1999).

               Judy Petersen

Elise Cundiff

Many if not most of the records were lost/destroyed by flooding while stored in the basement of the administration building (so I was told by personnel at the former JOH, now Bellefaire JCB) but they do still have one box with a limited number of admission cards.  My father's and uncle's cards from the early 1930s were fortunately among the surviving cards kept there.

The Western Reserve Historical Society also has some documents and records, including many of the newsletters published by the alumni association in the 1980s-2000s.  You might possibly find something written one of those that talks about your father's time period - I recall that there were several former residents who regularly wrote of their memories of their time there, but perhaps all from a later period than when your father was there.  I found a mention of my father's admission in the minutes of the board that are part of the collection there.  Finding aid for the Bellefaire Records, Series III (

WorldCat lists some other resources:  Jewish Orphan Asylum (Shaker Heights, Ohio) [WorldCat Identities]

Good luck!
Elise Cundiff

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