David Bernstein-- brick wall #usa

Steve Pickoltz

I'm trying to find out what happened to David Bernstein.  Here is what I know.
David was born in 1889 in Skalat.  His parents were Bluma Bernstein and Juda Mendel Werfel (deceased).
Bluma, David and her other son Harry (my grandfather) along with cousins Pickholtz and Aberbach and Kaczer, came to the USA on board the SS Rusia, arriving in NYC on May 9, 1890.  From there, they all settled in the Alliance area of Pittsgrove, NJ. in 1890,  ALL EXCEPT DAVID.  Other than him being mentioned on the ship's manifest, there is no record of him. 
Where is he?
Any help greatly appreciated.
Stephen Pickholtz
New Jersey
Searching--- Pickholtz, Winitsky and Klein/Kline