Decendants of Leibuscz and Sheindal Roth of Sanok-part 2 #poland

phyllis roth

Looking for descendants of Leib (Leibuscz) and Sheindal Roth of Sanok, including

Mechel Roth (d. Germany) + Anna Keitelman  (Anna was married first to samuel rotter)---- Would like to find any relatives of Samuel
Berisch Roth+
Chana Rivke (nee Roth) and Haim Schahcner: Some decendants made it to israel
Tema Rosenzweig (nee Roth) and Selig Rosenzweig-- Trying to find what happen to Zelig and any of their children
Jozef Roth and Hencze Alster--Had 3 children, Sara Willner, Berta/ Beila PELED or FELD??? Not sure.   Sara and Berta ended up in Israel.  Sara Willner had 2 children Jacob and Shoshana.
Ruchla ?????  Last name was either Penner, Genner although have not been able to find anything about this branch.
Beila Roth + Ovadia Kalter (from Rzeszow):  descendants ended up in Israel

Thanks so much.

Phyllis Roth