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I'm trying to determine if my GGF Jozsef Seidner had a brother named Ignac or Ignacz.  I've searched in various genealogy sites including JewishGen without conclusion. Ignac Seidner's name is listed as a witness to Jozsef Seidner's marriage to Katalin Weszler or Veszler in the 1911 registry from Family Search, but that's the only potential tie I've found regarding a relationship between the two men. Ignac's address in Budapest is given in the registry but I cannot make out the street name, so help would be appreciated. Although Ignac lived in district 6, Jozsef lived in district 7.

I'm thinking it may be possible to track down a Budapest census given this address and Ignac's name in case any clues reside there. Jozsef's father and mother are listed in the marriage registry as Mark Seidner and Pepi (Jozefa) Schwarz. Again, I have not been able to find anything tying Ignacz to Mark and Pepi. I, and others, think that there must be some relationship given the same last name. Already, some researchers on Geni have documented them as brothers but without any concrete evidence so I hesitate to state this as fact in a history I'm created for my family. 

I'm hoping some of the seasoned researchers here may be able to provide some insights. Thank you in advance.

Eugenia Bachert
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The address is VI ( = district number 7 in Budapest ) HUNYADI TER (Hunyadi square ) 7
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Marianna Toth

VII. Hársfa utca 10a and VI. Hunyadi tér 7: the distance is about 900 m, 11 minutes walk
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Marianna Toth

There is a Seidner Ignac marriage, 1892, whose parents were Seidner Mark and Schwarz Regina, he was born in Toth Prona, living in Budapest VII. Deak Ferenc u (street) 17   from Jewishgen
the original record from FamilySearch:

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Marianna Toth

Marianna Toth

Ignac was a witness at the marriage of Jozsef's adopted daughter from Katalin Veszler
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This is very helpful. Thank you for all your replies.

It looks like Jozsef and Ignac had the same father. There are different first names for their mothers, but same last name: Jozsefa Schwarz for Jozsef and Regina Schwarz for Ignac. Might this mean that Mark married Regina as his second wife, perhaps a relative of Jozefa? Or might Jozsefa and Regina have been related? 

It's clear that Ignac was born in Tot Prona, now Slovakia. I was wondering if Jozsef was also but have not found any birth information on him (nor marriage or birth registries for Mark Seidner). 

If anyone can help bring this search home, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Marianna Toth

Looking at the FamilySearch the Jewish film of Banska Bystrica=Neusohl=Besztercebánya, more Seidners can be founds, born in Totprona (Slovensko Pravno).
(I think that the records of Mark Seidner/Pepi Schwarz are not available, too old, but the death maybe with a little luck.)

For example the marriage of Nathan Seidner, father Mayer Seidner, mother Regi Schwarz
Nathan was born in Totprona 14 December 1862
(see Czech census 1930)
Sheet #
House # / Family #
Birth Surname
Birth Date
Birth Town
Relationship Comments Box
Banska Bystrica
Banska Bystrica
Slovenske Pravno
head   0103

I would go page-by-page through the film,
and also I recommend to contact Peter Absolon, jgs@...
he has access to other records of the area, too.
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Marianna Toth

Marianna Toth
an example where Jozsef was the witness of marriage of Ignac's son
Marianna Toth

Sherri Bobish


You can search their names in old Budapest city directories at:

I searched "Seidner, Ignacz" and got hits starting in 1892 through 1916 in Budapest.

Good luck in your search,
Sherri Bobish
Searching:  RATOWSKY / CHAIMSON (Ariogala, Lith.)
WALTZMAN (Ustrzyki Dolne, Pol.)
LEVY (Tyrawa Woloska, Pol.)
LEFFENFELD (Daliowa & Jasliska, Pol.)
BOJDA / BLEIWIESS (Tarnow & Tarnobrzeg, Pol.) 
SOKOLSKY / SOLON / SOLAN (Grodek, Bialystok, Pol.)
BOBISH (your guess is as good as mine!  LOL)