Der alte juedische Friedhof in Fuerth #germany

Christine Crawford-Oppenheimer

I have to apologize that I can't figure out how to respond to a message on this list (I'm sure several people will be happy to tell me now!) so I'm sending a new message.
Thanks to all who responded to my email.
It was Gisela Blume who told me that the parents of Jeanette (Lowenstein) Oppenheimer were Jacob and Breindel. And I realize, looking back at my original email, that in the cemetery, her name would have been her married name, Jeannette Oppenheimer (1819-1878). Gisela was also kind enough to give me about four generations of the Oppenheimer line from Jeanette's husband, Mordecai/Marx/Max Oppenheimer (1807-1870). This took the line back to Frankfurt, which has a wonderful resource available on the Leo Barck Institute website, Ele Toldot, which is an index of burials in Frankfurt back to the 1600s or even 1500s with much information about most of the people listed in it.
In response to a couple of your emails: as far as I can tell, the book is out of print, and no used book dealers are listing it. I found the title on with only one library owning it, the Leo Baeck institute, but, for me, getting there requires a two hour train ride to NY City and mingling with many, many potentially unvaccinated people, so I probably won't get to it for a while.
Two people mentioned the Charles Stanton Collection and the Michael Berolzheimer Collection, good sources for information about people in Fuerth, both at the Leo Baeck institute, and both digitized and available online at the LBI site. I found a *lot* of information about my husband's ancestors in Fuerth from these two collections, from the comfort of my own desk, wearing my bunny slippers, at 2:00 in the morning! And a lot of the materials in them are in English, so I had minimal places where I had to read the German script.

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Christine Crawford-Oppenheimer
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Hannah Sperber

Christine, are you aware of a very interesting Jewish Museum in Fuerth? It was the former house of a Jewish merchant.
it features a Mikvah with water from natural spring.
Has a sukkah with retractable roof.

Hannah Sperber 
Denver, Colorado USA