Did Barney Barnato and Sir David Harris walk together? #southafrica


Reading about Barney Barnato (born as Barnet Isaacs) I find that at the time of the gold rush in Namibia he got there on foot, I read that his cousin Sir David Harris ( birth name not known by me) got there from Durban on foot.
Does anyone know: 1) David Harris' jewish name;2) whether they went together or not, or if one of them liked the story so much that he decided to use it, too.
Ron Peeters

Paul Cheifitz

Hi Ron, 
Col. Sir David Harris was born in London in 1852 under that name. Barney was his first cousin and born the same year in London. In his memoir Pioneer Soldier and Politician, David writes that he arrived in Durban in 1871 and made his way, on foot, to was to become Kimberley, not Namibia. Barney only arrived there in 1873. Sir David was married to my grandmother's cousin, Rosa Gabriel. 
All the best, 
Paul Cheifitz, 
Netanya, Israel


Hi Paul,

Thanks very much. Where in my previous message I mention 'gold rush' I think it should have been 'diamond rush'. My special interest goes out to the peddlers that at that time made their rounds through Namibia and visited the miners camps, boerejoden and hottentots. My ggf was one of them, there are indications that his mother Clara LEVIN had ties with the Schür family at Bowesborp. Would your family annals contain anything also might point that way?
Ron Peeters