Dr. Herman KORN-Born in Romania, Studied in Germany ,Escaped to Cairo, Died in Dusseldorf #romania #germany #sephardic

Abuwasta Abuwasta

Dear Genners,

I am writing an article about the "yekke"  doctors in Egypt. Slowly I discover that all the Jewish doctors in Egypt who studied

in Germany are considered "yekkes", irrespective of their place of birth. Just bumped into the name of Dr. Herman KORN  

in one of the Facebook groups of Egyptian Jews. Here is what I got from the lady who remembered him:

unfortunately I was very young then, so I only remember he was German, later I heard he was originally Roumanian, he flee Nazi Germany and my uncle who studied medicine with him succeeded in bringing him to Egypt where he practiced medicine until 1956. Since he treated the children of one of the main 1952 coup officers, the latter helped him to leave with the money he earned. He settled in Dusseldorf and practiced until retirement/death.

Does it ring a bell? Can anyone shed more light?


Jacob Rosen