Early 1900's Address Book of Stanislawow #galicia

Yaron Wolfsthal

Dear Group

I am looking for an early address books (Ksiega Adresowa) of Staniwlawow.   These books existed since late 1800s / early 1900s for the big towns in Galicia, e.g. Lwow and Krakow.

The only full book I've found for Stanislawow is from (1935-36), which is too late:

But I know those books existed for Stanislaw from earlier years, because a group member shared with me a single page from the 1927 (he unfortunately didn't have the entire Staniwlawow book for that year).

Any suggestions where these earlier Stanislawow books can be found, online or offline? or how to find them?

Thank you -Yaron

Sherri Bobish


Free site of historical Eastern European city directories.


Sherri Bobish
Princeton, NJ

Yaron Wolfsthal

On Fri, Jul 31, 2020 at 05:47 PM, Yaron Wolfsthal wrote:
Thank you Sherri, I have looked at geneaologyindexer, it does not include the early Stanislawow address books.

Reg -Yaron

Logan Kleinwaks

Stanislawow is included in well more than 100 directories on, but most of them have geographic scope of all of Poland or all of Galicia, rather than being limited to just Stanislawow. The easiest way to search these is by surname, but you can also enter both a surname and stanislawow (separated by a space) to find pages mentioning both words (not necessarily in connection to each other). For a few of the most important such directories, search results (even just for surname searches) include an indication of the towns covered on the matching page, but I have not had time to create such a town index for each directory and many are not even organized by town, but by occupation or in another fashion. Another option is to manually browse the Stanislawow section of a directory that is organized by town. To find the Stanislawow section, you can browse the directory via the links at or search for stanislawow {X} where X is the directory's id number listed at Usually, if there is a Stanislawow section, you will see in the search results many matches for consecutive image numbers, with the first such consecutive match being at or near the beginning of the Stanislawow section and often having the word Stanislawow in all caps. In directories with a geographic scope larger than just Stanislawow (e.g., covering all of Poland), the amount of information about Stanislawow can vary considerably -- many of these directories are limited to certain occupations, but some are much more comprehensive, such as the well-known series Księga Adresowa Polski (wraz z w. m. Gdańskiem) dla handlu, rzemiosł i rolnictwa for 1926/1927 {d21}, 1928 {d22}, 1929 {d23. d1391}, and 1930 {d24. d1392}.

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.