Elirania ... near Shums'k #ukraine #yizkorbooks

Laurence Broun

We are completing translation of the Yizkor Book of Mizoch, including the story of a partisan, Izya Wasserman. His family fled from Mizoch (south of Rivne) was murdered in a village that transliterated from the Hebrew text as Elirania, where they hid in the basement of a Polish farmer. It would be in the vicinity of the Hurby forest, Shums'k, Kremenets or maybe Dubno. Our local Ukrainian team cannot locate this place. Any geography sleuths have a clue?

Larry (Itzik Leib) Broun
Washington, DC | USA
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I contaacted my friend and fellow-reseercehr Rachel Karni, who is managing the Shumsk  project. Here is her reply:


Since I am not on the list, please convey this information .   Thanks!


The question was about  the site of a  small village, Elirania,  where a  Jew from Mizoch found refuge and was later killed.   I couldn’t find this village  (or another with a similar name)   on the many maps where I looked.  I looked for places in the vicinities  of Dubno, Kremenets and Shumsk.

My suggestion is to contact  Esther Weinschelbaum—who has translated the Yiddish portions of almost all the Yizkor Books in our western Ukraine area—and
just have heard of this village.  (She translated  from Yiddish into Hebrew).

Esther Rechtschafner
Kibbutz EinZurim