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Steven Lotkin

Bessarabia friends:
I am looking for a genealogist to search my family name - Louis (and Ida) Russakoff. Louis b 1862. Married (unk)  Wife Ida Bindefsky.
Children are 

Minnie (Menie / Mineercha) b 1885, Bessarabia, Moldovia

Esther b Sept 19, 1886 Bessarabia, Moldovia

Reba (Ragnikowa) Koff b. Jan 1, 1888 Priluk, Poltova, Ukraine                                                                                                                                                                            William b (approx) Jul 15 1891 Rashkov, Bessarabia, Moldovia                                                                                                                                                                  Harry (Aaron Laeb) b Jul 6, 1896 Bessarabia, Moldovia

Rose (Reiza) b Aug. 4, 1898 Chenchurtz Moldovia

Sylvia (Sarah) b Mar. 24, 1904 Bessarabia, Moldovia ,

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Steve Lotkin

Steven Lotkin

I am looking for a researcher (genealogist) or available individual (for documents translated for the year 1862/1863). Family storeis from the 1950s mention Bessarabia (Moldova). I understand countries bounderies shifted many times during years afterwards from the results of wars & territorial claims.

Louis Russakoff (or variation Russakow, Russakiw) was born Oct 1862 (Bessarabia, Moldova or Ukraine).His parents are Samuel & Sarah and are in a cemetery in Bessarabia/Chisanau Moldova or Ukraine. Louis Married Ida Bindefsky on or about 1883/1884. They had 7 children. See above for names of children. Their names on US census are Kofsky or Koff. Their last residence was in London when purchasing tickets to immigrate to tthe US.  

I have reached out to extended cousins and no one have any official paperwork/documents which unfortunately cannot help in my case.
The name found on a passenger list is NOSEKOWSKY. Knowing their last name and spelling would be greatly appreciated. I understand this will take time. Should there be any charges please let me know so I can reimburse personal expenses (time allowed/meals/translations, etc) and an address or Specific country I can donate funds.

Steven Lotkin