Family Names of residents in Kaminits-Podolsk and Minkovitz #ukraine

Pamela Turner

I'm aware that my Paternal Line goes back at least a few generations to Kaminits-Podolsk and Minkovitz.  Their surnames were Kornszwiet, Skozinyetsky (some members changed to Levy) and Yagolnitzer.  Strong Zionistists they left the Podolsky region in the 1890s for Philadelphia and then settled in Cleveland.  Some siblings went to New York but many family members kept moving to Palestine in the early 20th century.  Are any of these names familiar to others researching this geographic area?  I have a wonderful block print of the wooden synagogue in Minkovitz. 

Member researching Galicia (Mielec), Bukovina (Czernovitz), Bessarabia (Kaminits-Podolsk and Minkovitz) and Moldova (Lipcani)
Pamela F. Turner   

Gary Pokrassa

Judith Fein - a professional travel writer and a cousin of my machatunim wrote a book entitled 

The Spoon from Minkowitz

This is about her roots trip to Minkowitz and her guide was Alex Denisenko - a name familiar to many of us at JewishGen.  It is available on Amazon - I helped her with some of her research...

she may be contacted at judie@...

Gary Pokrassa
Data Acquisition Director
Ukraine Research Division