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Liliana Weintraub

My grandfather Nukhim Chernoguboskiy was born in Odessa in 1888. I have been unable to trace any records from him except for that. I only know he moved to England at some point, where he met my grandmother and finally moved to Argentina together. Can anybody give me any tips regarding how to find some data about him? His surname (or similar) doesn't show up in any database anywhere. I'm lost and have no clue about how to advance in my search. Any advice is welcome. Thank you.
Liliana Weintraub


Nukhim was born in 1888, had 3 siblings born in 1890's - Bentsion, Khasya (1897-died at 9 months), Gersh (died at 13 months)
Father - Movsha-Mordukh s.o. Izrail-Leyb married at least 3 times:
2nd time after Nukhim's birth
3rd time in early 1905 to a woman with last name Idel (most likely Malka-Tsyril d.o. Yankel-Leyb)
Movsha-Mordukh's sister Tsivya married in 1890's to ?
Movsha-Mordukh's brother Khaim married in early 1904 to a woman with the last name to Kerpel (Mintsya, Rukhlya, or Sara)

There is a page of people with this last name on Yad Vashem, all mostly from, what is currently, central Belarus:

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