Fannie Leibovitz, Goldstein,Kaufer, Stengel, Maiman #subcarpathia

Stuart Kaufer

My paternal grandmother was Fannie Leibovitz who came from Kiralyhaza born around 1885.  My cousin David Leibovitz, who was very involved with JewishGen, died several years ago at a much too young age.  He was the repository of much Leibovitz family information.   I am trying to sort out the connection between Jeno Eugene Jake Lebovitz and my GM.  Jake was David's GF and it appears that there were many Leibovitz siblings because there were 2 wives of Fannie's father.  I ahve found some information on Ancestry but there are so many of the same name I find it completely confusing.   If anyone can help I would be grateful.  As you can see, my GM was married 4 times, her first child with someone named Goldstein and my dad with Edward Kaufer.   Thanks much all.

Stuart Kaufer

Sherri Bobish


Try searching Leibovitz on Ancestry, and put Kiralyhaza in the field for birthplace.

Then try putting Kiralyhaza in the search field for residence.  That can give you different hits.

Also, try a soundex search on surname, so it will find alternate spellings, i.e. Leibowitz, etc.

The same is true for the town name.  Odds are good that Kiralyhaza would end up with variant spellings in U.S. records.

The same search can be done at FamilySearch, and will sometimes come up with different hits.


Sherri Bobish


Try contacting Baruch Huber from Ungvar, not far from Kiralyhaza.
You can also find him on the JewishGen researchers list. 
His email huberbelay@...

All the best 

Mark Friedman