Finding siblings of Harry Schwartz in Brooklyn?? #bessarabia #usa


Trying to find the siblings of Harry SCHWARTZ (1887 in Zanekhov, Ukraine).  May have lived in Mogilev-Podolsky.


His parents were Joseph SCHWARTZ (1885-1941) and Belen (Bela) PILDERWEIS SCHWARTZ (1867-1954). Both immigrated to USA and lived in the Bronx, NY. Joseph immigrated in 1909.  According to the census there were several siblings:

Clara who married Isidor ROITER

Abraham (immigrated in 1908)





Joseph and Bela divorced at some point, although both are buried at United Hebrew Cemetery on Staten Island, NY.  Original name might have been Schwartzman.


We believe that Abraham and other siblings lived in Brooklyn from at least 1940 on.  Harry and Abraham were both furrier operators.


Any help with an impossible search on this surname would be appreciated.


Paula Schwartz



Mogilev Podolski, Ukraine (Schwartz, Schwartzman)


Thanks to Renee Steinig for helping me find one of the Schwartz siblings and her family.  Clara SCHWARTZ ROITER had a son Isidor ROITER.  He changed his name to IRVING ROIDER after WWII and we found his wife Arlene, son Robert and daughter Beth KOVEN.  Beth is the only one still alive and lives in Palm Beach Gardens.  She has a daughter Christina MOENS.  Today my search continues to get her phone number and contact her.  AMAZING.  It took 20 years to finally find some link.  Hoping she'll remember her aunts and uncles on her dad's side of the family.  Pays never to give up.  Thank you to Renee and everyone at is the great jigsaw puzzle solver of family history!!!!!!

Avon CT

SCHWARTZ (Mogilev Podolski, Bessarabia, Brooklyn)
TRACHTENBROIT (Dinovitz, Ukraine)
SPINNER (Tovste, Ukraine)
SIEBENBERG (Tovste, Buchuch, Ukraine)
SESSLER (Tovste, Ukraine)


I am questioning the date of birth for Joseph. There is no way he was only two years older than his son. I have a second great uncle Joseph Schwartz, that was born in Debrecon, Hungry.  July 10, 1863, son of Lajos Schwartz and Becka Weiss Schwartz.  Becka died in Utica, NY in 1899.  
Any chance this is the right family.  Daughter Bertha Schwartz Glick lived in Utica, Fulton, Beacon and Newburgh. NY. Newhaven CT and Clifton and Paterson, NJ.  

Elissa Haden