Finding Which Synagogue My Father had his Bar Mitzvah #usa


My father was Bat Mitzvah’d in NYC around 1908. The 1910 NYC Census has the family living at 216-218 East 118th St (between 2-3rd Avenues). I have tried to find Synagogues that were around that area at the time but would love any suggestions of how to do this better. I made the assumption that it would be in their general neighborhood.

Thanks very much.
Alice Simon Berger

Brian Kerr

You may/might have some luck if you contact one in the vicinity. If they don't know, they may/might, at least, be able to provide some guidance as to where to go to locate this information.

This would be the only thing that I could think (besides contacting the NYC Library as a last resort).

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david perkins

Check this list
Good luck
David L. Perkins
Perkin and Segan (Belarus, Grodno and Slonim); Paris/Poris and Seigel (Ukraine/Poland, Bilozirka, Kupil)
Schneider Shnayder Greenberg Litwack (Bessarabia/Moldova, Teleneshty) 
Peterfreund Loeffelholtz  Pippersberg Federbush Englander (Galicia Nowy Sacz Krakow) 
Podolski Lauffer Wahl (Galicia Krakow Tarnobrzeg)


Try this site

Dassy Wilen

Susan Watchman

Where do records from defunct synagogues go? I was trying to find some from the Queens reformed congregation where my mother was confirmed.
Susan Watchman
Phoenix, Az

Ellen Shindelman Kowitt

Where records for defunct synagogues go was the question and impetus for creating JewishGen's new Shul Records America, a first of its kind finding aid pointing users to over 50 repositories (and growing!) where records can be found. Some are even digitized and linked. Sort results by congregation name, location, year, repository, or type of records which include birth, marriage, death, circumcision, member/student/donor lists, digitized bulletins, and more! Visit

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Goldberg, Yeshaye

The assumption that it would be in their general neighborhood. is a good one. It would also help if you knew the family association and which branch of judaism the family belonged to. Were they orthodox or reformed - etc. there was a synagogue called Beth Bnai Israel that was on 116th street, I believe. That one had a bar mitzvah group called "Beth Bnai Israel Association of Bar Mitzvah Boys". there was an orthodox synagogue on either 118th street and 3rd avenue or 112th street called "Bnei Israel Salanter Ansei Samut, Congregation". This was a branch of a synagogue of the same name on the lower East Side of Manhattan (I think on Christie Street). If your grandparents were members of that synagogue, there might be records in the Christie Street location. I don't know who might have access to old records.

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Sherri Bobish

One more site that may be helpful, although it does say "Not all synagogues had all types of records and many, if not most, records have been lost or destroyed"

Courtesy of the Ackman & Ziff Family Genealogy Institute
U.S. Synagogue Records

Good luck in your search,
Sherri Bobish
Searching:  RATOWSKY / CHAIMSON (Ariogala, Lith.)
WALTZMAN (Ustrzyki Dolne, Pol.)
LEVY (Tyrawa Woloska, Pol.)
LEFFENFELD (Daliowa & Jasliska, Pol.)
BOJDA / BLEIWIESS (Tarnow & Tarnobrzeg, Pol.) 
SOKOLSKY / SOLON / SOLAN (Grodek, Bialystok, Pol.)
BOBISH (your guess is as good as mine!  LOL)


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This site also has links to a long list of other genealogical sites. Thanks so much!

Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC


Where do records go? 

Sadly some records are destroyed or stolen. A rabbi took the records from our synagogue in Myrtle Beach, SC, where my elder son was bar-mitzvahed after he was fired for malfeasance. No one knows what happened to them. The rabbi is now deceased. 
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC