finding Yosef BARMATZ #belarus #poland #israel #holocaust


I am trying to locate any possible relatives of Yosef BARMATZ, who submitted the page of testimony to Yad Vashem regarding Tuvia EDERMAN (see attachment). If I am reading the testimony correctly, Yosef lived in Ramat Gan, Israel after the war. Yosef submitted a number of pages of testimony, and it looks like he submitted one for his brother, Elia BARMATZ (1911-1942) and that his parents were Ze'ev and Ester. These pages were submitted in 1956. If there is anyone can put me in touch with his descendants, I would greatly appreciate it.
Tammy Weingarten
searching: EDERMAN, SIROTA, KLESZCZELSKI from Bielsk Podlaski


If you want phone numbers for his children, send me an email [aryeh.lopiansky@...]. I don't think I'm allowed to post numbers.