follow up- notation on ship's manifest #records

Steve Pickoltz

The ship's manifest is for the SS Russia, arriving in NYC on May 9, 1890.  The person in question is either David or Hersch BERNSTEIN.
I received two possible answers/suggestions but they did not pay out.
One said look to the left of the word hospital and see if the person died.  No notation.
The other one said look at the 1900 and 1910 USA census.  Women were asked how many children they had/alive.  In both cases they said 1 living and 1 born.  Does that mean two children as the manifest shows?  
For the record, both censuses have a BIG mistake when it ask how long married.  Both Bernard and Bluma say 40 years.  That could be correct if they counted spouces from each first marriage till the present.  Bluma Bernstein married Bernard PICKHOLTZ shortly after wife #1, Sara died in Norma, Salem County, NJ which was in 1891.  That marriage I have not been able to find either locally, county or state (NJ/PA/DEL). The 1900 cencus says they are married and living in Phila, with children from both families listed as PICKHOLTZ.  This is the first mention of them being married.
Steve Pickholtz
Tabernacle, NJ