Formation of an email group about Isle of Man Internment

Tony Hausner

Several of us have recently activated an email group about Internment on the Isle of Man.  This is primarily during World War II but also applies to World War I since internment by the British occurred then as well.  In my case, my parents and other family members, all of whom were Jewish, escaped from Vienna shortly after the Anschluss, when the Germans took over Austria in 1938.  Most of my Viennese family members escaped to England. However, a year later most of them were labeled by their local boards as "enemy aliens' and spent as much as a year in separate camps on the Isle of Man.  To join our group, please send an email to me at thausner@...

Tony Hausner Silver Spring, MD 20901 301--587-6943 (primary email address: thausner@...)

Tony Hausner