Galician birth record in Suterlin (German) handwriting #galicia

James Hannum

Before WWI Mielnica was part of Galicia in Austria, the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Between WWI and WWII Mielnica was part of Poland.  So I suppose the people spoke German in your 1907, and the surname Szarfstein also seems German.  In your 1907 record date, German speaking clerks wrote in Sutterlin script, which is my guess for the handwriting of your record. Notice the lower case u below has a small shallow u above it, to distinguish it from the letter n.  Your reecord has a number of such u letters, with the shallow u's above.  I know of no other alphabet that has this.  They don't need it, because they have u's with rounded bottoms.

Even if written in Sutterlin script, it may be in the Latin or Polish language.  Birth records are very short and contain words "Born on the fourteenth day of the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and ten in the city of ___, a son of fathe ___ and mother ___..." 
Notice most of the letters in Sutterlin script  are written quite differently than modern handwriting, so use the chart, don't try to guess! :

-- Josef Hannum