Galicianers in Cairo, Egypt in 1862 #galicia #sephardic #rabbinic

Abuwasta Abuwasta

Hello All,

Recently I came across a Hebrew book titled "Even Sapir" which was published in 1866and written by an Ashkenazi Jew from Jerusalem who travelled for 4 years to Egypt, Arabia, Ethiopia, India

Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand.At the start of his tour he visited Alexandria, the Nile Delta and Cairo and brings vivid impressions in a very nice Rabbinical  language of what he has seen

with an emphasis on the Jewish communities he has seen. Among other things he mentions that the Jewish community counts 600 Jewish families from the East and some of Italian,

Turkish, Babylonian and Syrians who are called Sephardim and about 60 households and singles  from Russia, Poland Galicia and they are called Ashkenazim and they have their own Synagogue.

Alas, no surnames are given. I enclosed the relevant circled  chapter . It is Rash"i script.

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Jacob Rosen