GARTSTEIN from Novofastov, Ukraine #general

Elena Green <>


I am fairly new to JewishGen, but I thought I shall seek the advice from
JewishGenners pertaining to my genealogical research since I seem to have
been getting nowhere.

I am searching for the names of 8 or 9 siblings of my great-great uncle
Meyer-Haim Iosifovich GARTSTEIN, b. 1889 in Novofastov, Pogrebishchensky
rayon/district, Vinnitzkaya gubernya/oblast/region, Ukraine/Russian Empire,
to Iosif GARTSTEIN (b. 1874, Novofastov) and to >>> Chaya, with both parents
perished in 1919 pogroms. Meyer-Haim had 8 or 9 other brothers and sisters,
who are known to have immigrated to the USA fleeing the pogroms.

According to my grandmother, Riva Haimovna GARTSTEIN (b.1917, Novofastov),
eldest daughter of Meyer-Haim GARTSTEIN and Yenta Ruvinovna LURIE (b. 1891,
Novofastov), all the siblings immigrated to Philadelphia and Chicago. My
grandmother could only recall the names of her aunt Chanaleya and uncle
Shaya of the 8-9 siblings.

I have written to the Jewish Community of Vinnitsa, and to the State
Archives of Ukraine in Vinnitsa and Kiev, but haven't heard back >from them
as yet. I also tried searching for the names of g.uncles/aunts in Ellis
Island database and on, but came up only with one person listed
as Welwel GARTSTEIN of "Novavastow" (b.1888?), who was heading to Chicago to
join his uncle, J. GOLDBERG. The search gave a few other GARTSTEIN
immigrated >from the towns other than Novofastov, e.g. Bar, Berdichev. I am
not sure whether they are related to my family or not since they're from
different shtetls.

In addition to the names of my great-great uncles and aunts, I've been
seeking any information on the shtetl of Novofastov, with almost no results.
I know that my great-great uncle Meyer-Haim like most people in his shtetl
worked on the Novofastov mill owned by a Polish landlady.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions >from the Genners on how to go
about the search. Maybe there are things that are obvious for you,
experienced genealogists, which I cannot see. Any advice at all is welcomed.
Please reply privately to Thank you.

Elena Green
Victoria, BC

GARTSTEIN/GARTSHTEIN (Novofastov/Novavastow)
LURIE/LURIA (Lithuania, Novofastov/Novavastow)
GOLDBERG (Chicago)


Hello Elena,

I've posted a picture of my great-grandmother and my great-aunt Roza Gartstein on ViewMate at the following address: 
Could you please take a look at the picture? I would like to find out if my ancestors are in any way related to your genealogical research.
Thank you.
María F. Garstein


Hello Elena,
To clarify geography of Novofastov.
Prior to 1922 Novofastov was part of Skvira uezd in Kiev gubernia.  It didn't become part of Vinnitsa oblast until 1938.

The last name you are looking for is Garshteyn, not Garstein.
There is a possibility that Novofastov 1897 census records will be available soon, but only a small portion of the Skvira uezd records have been uploaded by Alex Krakovksy at the moment.  The only one I see listed for Novofastov is DAKO 384-10-69, so, hopefully, your relatives are listed in this document.

1875 recruit census does include your relatives, but only includes males.  The following information was found in DAKO archive's 12-3-591 document.  No one with Lurie last name is listed in Novofastov, but again, this is only a recruit census and not a complete census of this town.

In town of Novofastov
#21 Garshteyn Moshko s.o. Gershko - 58 y.o
#22 Garshteyn Meer-Khaim s.o. Moshko - 59, his 2nd son Mortko - 18
#23 Gorshteyn Ben s.o. Gershko - 51, his son Gershko - 30, Mortko (son of Gershko) - 7, Ios (son of Ben) - 22, Moshko (son of Ben) - 14, Khaim-Ovsiy (son of Ben) - 9
#45 Garsheyn Ios-Gersh s.o Meer-Khaim - 27, his sons Leyba - 4, Aril - 2, Shaya - 1
Outside of Novofastov - village Babin
#52 Garshteyn Gershko s.o. Moshko - 31, his son Shapsha - 7
In addition to this, there are metrical records available from 1857 to 1864, as well as 1795, 1850, and 1858 census records.  It all depends what information you are looking for.

Mike Vayser