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Jan Meisels Allen



The mergers and acquisitions in the genealogy field continue.  Today, Ancestry announced that it reached an agreement to acquire Geneanet.

Earlier this year Geneanet had announced plans to merge with Filae. However, Filae was acquired by MyHeritage as was announced on this forum earlier in August acquiring 90.91% of the share capital and 89.11% of the voting rights of Filae.


According to Geneanet, this Filae-MyHeritage was a formidable competitor for the, not to mention the considerable distortion of competition represented by the massive sales of DNA kits by MyHeritage in France despite the current legislation that prohibits it.”


Looking at various options Geneanet decided they preferred to rely on a strong partner and that was Ancestry for Geneanet’s  future development.  Ancestry is committed to preserving Geneanet’s uniqueness.


Geneanet will remain Geneanet with everything you are attached to.


Geneanet will remain a stand-alone site within Ancestry.


This means that Geneanet subscribers will continue to be able to use all the services of the “” site, which are managed by the Geneanet company based in Paris with the same team of employees. Your trees are and remain your property and will continue to be hosted by Geneanet. The Geneanet teams remain your contacts.


Geneanet subscribers will benefit from access to many additional databases as part of their Premium subscription. For example, we have just added the entire civil registry of Paris, indexed by Ancestry, which is more than 11 million records. Other collections will be available soon.


Just as the public individuals in your trees are indexed on Geneanet’s search engine, they will also be indexed via Ancestry’s search engine with a link to Geneanet for viewing the trees.


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Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee