GERNSHEIM family Holocaust survivors? #germany

Hansmartin Unger <hansmartin.unger@...>

GERNSHEIM families are >from Worms. there is alot to read in Google under
GERNSHEIM, unfortunatly I can't translate the German text into English.
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Hansmartin Unger, St. Gallen, Switzerland @BOXE

David Lewin, London david@... wrote:
I am researching a KAHN family, originally >from Heilbronn, Germany
Hedwig Luise KAHN born 18 Jan 1907 married on 2 June 1943 a Johannes
Emmanuel Theophil GERNSHEIM in Munich. While the rest of her
siblings were all murdered by the Nazis, Hedwig and her husband
survived and in 1955 there was still a trace of them in Freiburg, Germany.
Data Protection laws have so far prevented me >from getting any
further information
GERNSHEIM is an old Jewish family name in Worms and Mainz,
Germany. The Nazis murdered many.
Try as I might I find no one with that surname today. Google brings
only the town of that name whence presumably the Jewish name was
taken originally when they adopted family names. Did the Nazis
succeed in eradicating this family?
Can anyone here elaborate on these findings and teach me further please?

Rod Miller <rpm@...>

According to this site showing the dispersion of family names in
Germany, there are currently up to 25 people with the last name GERNSHEIM
in 5 different towns in Germany.

So the family name lives on in Germany, albeit for very few people.

Regards, Rod Miller rpm@...