Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia Looking for Zylberberg family from Dabrowa Gornica and Thau famil y from Zablotow #galicia

Fruma Mohrer <fmohrer@...>

Dear members of Galicia discussion group:

I am looking for any information on the fate or whereabouts of the
Zylberberg family >from Dabrowa Gornica. The parents were apparently Abraham
Zylberberg and Chana Gorset Zylberberg. The children were Paula Perl,
Esther, Miriam, Sarah, and Hershl. Paula was in Pocking, Germany after the

I am also seeking information on the fate or whereabouts of the Thau family
from Zablotow, Poland. The parents were Ovadiah Thau and Pesia [Pesche]
Korn, also >from Zablotow. Their son was apparently Jacob Thau who was in
Pocking, Germany after the war.

Any information would be appreciated. Thank you very much.

Fruma Mohrer
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Dorcey Rose

I realize that you originally posted this inquiry 19 years ago, but I just came across it because of the search capabilities in the JewishGen Discussion Group. My second great grandmother was Rencie Thau and she was born in Zablotow around 1830. Her son, Hersch Isaac Halpern my great grandfather, lived in Zablotow with his wife, Freide Kessler. She had a sister, Hudel Reischer whose daughter Tema Reischer married Jankel Korn also of Zablotow. My grandfather, Joseph Isaac Halpern, was born in Zablotow in 1889 to Hersch and Freide. He had two sisters, Sura Rivke and Malke, who were born in Zablotow in 1880 and 1884 or 5. All three siblings ended up in NYC between 1904 and 1913. I would be happy to share my family tree. I was planning to travel to Zablotow in early May, but that trip has had to be canceled because of the covid-19 virus. Wpuld love to share information with you. Thanks, Dorcey 
Dorcey Rose
Florida US