Gittle ABRAMOWITZ- Novarodok to New Haven, Ct. 19th cent. #usa

Yonatan Ben-Ari

I am trying to confirm family lore of my great great grandmother's
immigration from Novarodok (eastern Europe)-New Haven, Ct.
(USA)-Jerusalem during the second half of the 19th cent.

The unconfirmed details are: Gittle ABRAMOWITZ left Novarodok with 4
children after the death of her husband, Yitzchak. She travelled to
New Haven, Ct. via Liverpool. She apparently met a British gentleman,
a widower by the name of LAZAROFF.

Her four children seem to be: David, Sarah, Meyer and Kalman. David
left New Haven to Boston to work in a dept. store and rose to
management. May have changed his name. In the mid 1930s , not a young
man, was a senior executive and had a winter home in Florida.

Sarah, in the mid 1930s, vacationed or lived in the Coney Island (NYC)
area. She and her husband, (no family name known) were members of a
yiddish speaking Bund group . They had a grandson Tom (family name
unknown) who was in college (mid 1930) in Boston.

Meyer, my great grandfather, was sent to Jerusalem with his younger
brother Kalman. Kalman seems to have missed his mother and returned
shortly to the USA while Meyer stayed in Jerusalem. He and his wife
both died during the pandemic during WW 1 in Jerusalem.

Most of Kalman's descendants remain It seemsed in the states.

I have contact with all of Meyer's children and some of Kalman's but
none with any of Sarah's or David's. It seems that someone back in
Novarodok was related to the HUREWITZ family of which one branch
settled in Petach Tikva and another in Hartford, Ct. . Their
emmigration took place during the latter part of the 19th cent.

If any ot the details above sound familiar to anyone, specifically
regrding David and Sarah, I would be very happy to hear from you.
Shabbat Shalom

Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem