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David L. Langenberg <dovidl@...>

Seeking descendants or relatives of Bertha, Dorothy, and Hattye Belle
Glasstein. I have photographs of them, taken in Peoria, Illinois, in
June 1938; my mother's caption on the photographs indicates they were
visitors to Peoria >from out of town. A search of the Social Security
Death Index reveals only two Glassteins--Isidore Glasstein (1902-1983)
and Sylvia Glasstein (1905-1997). Both lived in New York at the time of
their deaths. Only one Glasstein is currently listed in the Pro CD
Phone residential and business listings.

It appears that Bertha Glasstein is the mother and that Dorothy and
Hattye Belle are her daughters. Bertha is perhaps about 55 (hence born
about 1883), while Dorothy and Hattye Belle are in their early 30s
(hence born in the 1900-1910 decade).

If these are relatives, I suspect they were related to Simon and Ettel
(Mittenthal) Levison, of Peoria, Illinois.

Would appreciate any help in identifying these individuals.


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