Governmental sources in Rostov #lithuania

dennis gelpe

My grandfather and GGF came >from Vilna. Using the resources provided
by LitvakSIG via JewishGen, I have been able to trace my lineage as
far back as my GGGF. Thanks!

Recently though, I have been in contact with people who I believe are
related, same family name [passport family name of one family
member,in Cyrillic, is the same as on my GF's internal passport], same
origins, yet live/have lived in Rostov since sometime around WW2.
Sadly, there is no one alive, in that branch of the family who knows
anything about their family other than the name of an ancestor who
lived somewhere >from 187- to 1916 (?), and are not sure whether he was
the first relative to arrive in Rostov. Thus we have not been able to
ascertain a common ancestor, the name is unusual enough.

My question is whether anyone knows if there are governmental
immigration or residential sources in Rostov that could indicate
origins of residents or names with dates.

Dennis Gelpe