Grand Mufti of Jerusalem (Haj Amin al-Husseini) and Jewish immigration to Eretz Yisrael (Palestine) #general #israel


Shalom friends, 

I have a very strange family legend that I am looking into. Apparently, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem of all people, allowed for the migration of my great great grandmother, Dora Neumond, to Palestine. I have no idea why he would be interested in allowing a Jew into Palestine, but so goes the oral history. I have heard that Dora's son, Walter, was at the King David hotel where he met the Mufti and asked him for this favour. 

Dora arrived in Palestine on the 20th of February 1939. She was born in Frankfurt. 

I would be very grateful if anyone might be able to shed some light on this, and how I might go about finding documentation to prove it. 

Shavua tov, 

Yoav Aran