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Is there any way we can get info for the grave stones from Vaslieu(County Seat of Moldavia) which is the main city in Moldava? We are trying to find info on our Cracoer( Crakover) family who lived and died in the mid 19th century. Thank you, David Wolf

Valentin Lupu

You're  probably searching info from Vaslui, a Moldavian town in Romania. This town, with a large Jewish population before WWII, has nothing to do with Austria or Czech Republic. The Jewish cemetery address is 102 Calugareni st., Vaslui.
You may contact the Romanian JCC (Federatia Comunitatilor Evreiesti) in Bucharest Tel. 021-315.50.90F AX : 021-313.10.28
Valentin Lupu

Janet Furba

put Your question to the Main State Archive in Chisinau.
Janet Furba,