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I am trying to find family and keep hitting roadblocks. My GG came to the US in 1901 and his wife came in 1904. His name was Bennie Hantz and his wife was Rose. I was always told that Rose's maiden name was Moscowitz. They settled in the Bronx, NY. His naturalization papers state that they were married at Barak Silvas Hungary. It says my Great Grandpa was born in Bochava Hungary which then became Czechoslovakia. I believe these cities are spelled incorrectly because I do not find them at all during my research.
I did find a Hungarian birth record for a baby named Markusz born June 7, 1897 and the parents were Beni Hancz from Bacsava Chabanivka and the mother was Roza Markovics from Bereg-Szilvas Kuzmyno. I am wondering if this record could be my Great Grandparents. There were always stories that they had a child in Hungary and the child did not come to the US. I think this may be the child.
Any thoughts or comments? I would love to find more info on this side of my family.

Cheryl Hantz-Tanenbaum

The Becker's Email

familysearch has birth record transcriptions for:
Gisela Homs or Horns, b. 11 Sept. 1904 parents Benjamin Homs and Rossie Mowkoroz
Sadie Hans b. 28 Jan. 1907 parents Bennie Hans, Rosie Markowitz
what appear to be the birth records for Isadore and Gertrude  have  Rose's maiden name as Hershkowitz:
Isidor Hanz b. 19 Oct. 1905 parents Bennie Hanz, Rosie Hershkkowitz
Gertrude Haantz b. 26 Aug. 1909 parents Benjamin Haantz , Rosie Hershkowitz.

According to the above records, originals may be viewed at a family history center.  Some public  libraries have become "registered" as family history centers and you can access at the library; so check w/ your local library.

I would note that the 1910 and 1920 censuses give 1903 as the year of Rose's immigration,  not the 1904 Ben put on his naturalization papers.  1903 is consistent w/ having Gisela  born in Spet. 1904.  Also, I tried to find a ships' manifests for both Bennie and Rose for arrival in NY and could not find using stevemorse.  You might obtain both Rose's and Bennie's death certificates to see what is given for their place of birth and for Rose, the names of her parents which would give her maiden name.

Johanna Becker
Newport, RI

Sherri Bobish


Possibly Barak Silvas is today known as Kuzmyno, Ukraine.
See this page for more information, and for alternative town names.

Bochava is possibly Bat'Ovo, Ukraine. 15 miles from Kuzmyno (Beregszilvas.)
For more information:

On the 1910 census the family is indexed under surname HAUTZ.

Rose states she has given birth to 7 children and 6 are living.

On the 1910 census these 5 children are living in their home:
Goldie, Isidore, Ida, Yetta and Gizelle.

So, Rose had 5 children living with her and husband Benjamin.
She lost one child.
Where is the one other living child?


Sherri Bobish