Have you found using data from LitvakSIG useful? #general #lithuania

Harlan Levinson

First time poster. I have been researching for a long time for records of my grandparents and family. I have searched stevemorse, statue of liberty, jewishgen, contacted the Lithuanian Archives and have found nothing. I am wondering if LitvakSIG will have info, that the others do not. 
It has been frustrating to find nothing on stevemorse. I found a record of my grandfather's stepmother and step siblings arriving in 1899, but nothing before that. I very much want to find a birth certificate for my grandfather, born in Zasliai (Zosle) in 1874.
My grandmother was born in Astryna, I think, which is now in Belarus. But mostly looking for detail on my grandfather's side.
The total lack of evidence pre-arrival in the US has been very frustrating. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
Thank you
Harlan Levinson


Records from Astryna/Ostryna have been translated through the LitvakSIG Lida District Research Group (DRG) and may be searched in the All Lithuania Database www.LitvakSIG.org. If you want more details about how to join the LitvakSIG Lida District DRG where you will have access to Excel files of all translations for Astryna and other nearby towns, please write me privately at jrbaston@...
Judy Baston, Coordinator
LitvakSIG Lida District Research Group

Carol Hoffman

Harlan Shalom,

LitvakSIG uploaded the 1874-1875 Zasliai family list, and it is fully searchable on the ALD. Zasliai is in the Trakai District Research Group 

All the best and good luck with your research.
Carol Hoffman, PhD
LitvakSIG President

Russ Maurer


LitvakSIG has indexed well over 2 million records and made them freely available through our own website (www.litvaksig.org/search-ald) and via JewishGen. Among these are the extant birth records of Zasliai, which are somewhat spotty. For the decade of the 1870s, records exist for 1873, 1877, 1878, and 1879. Your grandfather's birth is likely in the missing years since you mentioned 1874 and you haven't found him.

You may have better luck looking at other kinds of records. There is a lengthy family list (similar to a census) from 1874-1875 which covers Zasliai and its associated small villages and settlements. You can browse the whole list using the search parameter shown in the attachment.

Is LitvakSIG's data useful? We certainly hope so!

Russ Maurer
Records Acquisition & Translation coordinator, LitvakSIG

David Ellis

Harlan Levinson asked whether LitvakSIG has information that JewishGen.org, SteveMorse.org and other sources do not have.


I can answer with a resounding YES.  With the resources on LitvakSIG, I can trace my ancestry back up to eight generations in Lithuania, compared to my grandfather, whose knowledge went back no further than his parents.


By all means do a search on the All Lithuania Database on LitvakSIG.org.  The names may not be exactly as you expect.  Be flexible and persistent, and you may get a whole new world of information about your family.



David  J  Ellis

Natick, MA 01760



Ilan Ganot

Zasliai is listed at the KehilaLinks section of the JewishGen. However the status of the web page of this community is "In progress". The contact person of this web page is Daniel Gurevich, email daniel@...
I suggest that you will try contacting him for additional information. 
Ilan Ganot
Co-webmaster, Mazheik Memorial Website (MMWS) 


Harlan Levinson

Thank you all SO MUCH for your info. My background - I made a family tree 50 years ago when I was about 14.I have been trying to get info, particularly grandfather's birth certificate for over 7 years. The lack of info has been offputting. Basically no info from before arriving in the US. A wonderful person, who is an experienced researcher, has helped us and found some great clues. But nothing conclusive.
The main problem is we are not sure what the family's name was.Family lore is that the first to arrive bought a peddlers license and changed the name from Zass to Levinson. But we have clues that point to both names as possibilities. (My family tree lists relatives as Romm, and there are many listed in Zasliai, but no one, even 50 years ago, new the exact family connection.)
We found my grandfathers step-mother and step-siblings on a ship manifest from 1899. The name listed is Levinson and says they are from Zosle.
But looking at the data bases, not much else. The ZAS-1874-1875 family list has the possible Surnames, but the Given names are not a match. Same with the ZAS-1858-1899-Additional.
We have a US passport application that says the first to arrive Morris Levinson (possibly originally Israel) arrived around June 15, 1884. But I looked at the ship manifests  around that time on stevemorse, but do not see anything.
Familysearch shows Harry Levinson born Sept 27 1874, which  is probably from US census data.(parents were Hyman Joseph Levinson and Mariashe Velowitz
Any suggestions or lead would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU
Harlan Levinson