Help Finding Correct Microfilm Page #bessarabia


Can anyone tell me how to find the correct microfilm image from a search since I don't read Russian.  Where to locate the page, image, etc. on the microfilm.  I can see the microfilm.  I just don't know which image it is.
Patricia Solomon
San Jose, California
DUKELSKY, KRUGLIAK in Zvenigorodka

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Patricia Solomon
San Jose, California

Barbara Rice, JewishGen Education Volunteer

Russ Maurer posted a good tutorial on how to find films on FamilySearch.  His instructions are for Lithuania but they apply well to all the FHL films:

Barbara Rice
Minneapolis, MN
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Yefim Kogan


I would be glad to help you,  and also to many other people who asking same questions.

I should tell you that sometimes it is easier than other time,  but follow these steps please:

(1) After you click on the link at the Microfilm number you are getting the whole microfilm.  You have now 1101 images, it is definitely too much to look at,
(2) Next step. after Microfilm number you see  / 4.   Here 4 means a section of the microfilm. Usually each section of the microfilm rounded by black images with the number.  You need to find such image with 4 in it.  In that microfilm such image is 306 in the whole microfilm.  Go down and find that image or put 306 at top left and you will get to that image.

(3) Open that image (#306), you see on the bottom left the year of 1882 and also 3 numbers 211   11   164.  If you look into JG result it says on the bottom right  NARM/211/11/164.  That is a good double check that you are in the correct section.  Actually these numbers mean how they stored in NARM (National Archive of Republic of Moldova)

(4)  There is also a number 351 down from 2255344 / 4.  It is 351...  That number may or may not work, mostly not.  But still put 351 in the left upper corner and you see a page, which is now what you need, because these are marriages from October.  But that means that your page is between 306 and 351.

(5)  You have one more important information - Record #, and in your case it is 306 - it is one below Marriage.
Every record in our database has Record # or sometimes Registration #.  If you look at the page 351 from Family Search, you see in first column - Record #.  On that page you see 327 to 331.  So you need to go several pages back looking for #306...  and you will get to it at image 340.  The third record on that page is record you need.

I hope that this helps you,  and our Bessarabia group.  

All the best,
Yefim Kogan
JewishGen Bessarabia SIG Leader and Coordinator