Help reading a Polish birth register #poland

Robin Schwartz

I found the registry with my maternal great grandmother's birth.  The headings seem to be in Latin (second attachment-had to attach in two pieces )I am assuming that is because of the influence of the Catholic church?  The column I am having difficulty reading is headed "Patrini", which translates from the Latin into "sponsors".  I'm not sure what that means here.  The entry I am trying to read is for Zipre (first attachment).  Any help is appreciated.
Robin Schwartz
Highland Park, NJ


This looks like it is a church record of births and baptisms. It is in Latin because the priests were trained in Latin. They were required to keep records of all births deaths and marriages. This was for  both tax and conscription purposes. So you are going to find a lot of non catholics listed there. The other reason the birth would be listed is that the parents converted. The column Numerus Domus is the house number where they lived. 
Patrini are godparents or baptism sponsors. If you would like me to review the film, please email me directly and I will be happy to give you more information on the source.

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