Help with extra person mentioned in Slutsk Chevra Kadisha record #belarus #records


My great-great grandfather, Benjamin Machlin (MAKHLIN, Binyamin) appears in the JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry - Minsk from the Pinkas of the Chevra Kadisha from Slutsk, Belarus.

Here's the text of the Comment for the entry:
1309 On Sunday the twelfth day of Shvat (4 February 1917) passed away the elderly mh'r BINYAMIN the son of mh'r MOSHEH NISAN MAKHLIN tailor and he rests by AVRAHAM who passed away on Tuesday the twenty-ninth day of the aforementioned Tevet (23 January 1917) row 'twenty-five' b'k to the south side

Who is the Avraham they are referencing? Would this be a brother or uncle of Benjamin, buried next to him?

David Weinman

WEINMAN/WEXLER/WALDMAN (Majdan, Poland), KAPLAN/MACHLIN (Slutsk, Belarus), GREENFIELD/GREENBERG (Nemyriv, Ukraine), GINGOLD (Divin, Belarus), BRALOWER/BRALVER (Botosani, Romania)


Is this cemetery still actively managed? If so, is it possible to ask the cemetery for information about this Abraham?  Alternatively, is it possible to search various cemetery databases? I quickly searched dead fred without results, but there are others.
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC


I believe the general practice in the Slutsk cemetary was to bury men in the men's section and women the women's section, wherever there was the next space.  In the one case I have seen in my family where a man was buried next to his brother in law, that relationship was stated in the Chevra Kedisha record (these are the husbands of my great grandmother's two sisters):

2650. On Friday the eve of the holy day of Shabat the ninth day of Tamuz (21 June 1907) passed away the elderly mh"r r' Y' LEIB the son of M' SHMUEL LIFSHITS IVANER and he rests by his brother-in-law mh"r ELIYAHU who passed away on the seventh day of the aforementioned Adar (21 February 1907) row "six" by the "geonim" to the town side.

In cases where no relationship is stated I think the working assumption is there was no family relationship.

Larry Nordell

Gerald and Margaret

I suggest you contact The Together Plan, a Jewish charity based in London and Belarus, which aims to help remaining Jews become self sufficient.  One project is genealogical research.  They have the huge advantage of speaking many languages plus a lifelong experience of the local bureaucracies  !!

Margaret Levin
London UK