Help with photo style, trend, oil painting portraits years needed #belarus #galicia #hungary


I have some old family photos - coloured - one oil painting with a Chinese outfit on and a photo that appears caricature type. I just wondered if anyone knew of these? What year? One of mine will have been for sure before 1912. I have just got a smart match from Israel with some of the same style photos on, but were these type of photos around everywhere?
Thanks in advance
Mandy Molava
Researching Belarus, Brest, Galacia, Hungary


Just in case this information is of interest to anyone - So far been messaged about the possibility of the photo being intended for use on a tombstone, similar photos are affixed to tombstones in Romania, Moldova, Hungary and Ukraine. This one is especially similar to those used in Romania and Moldova - style of dress and outfit. Ukraine appear to be more recent vintage. 

mandy molava