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John Hoenig

Help needed with Polish names


I have a list of 800 Holocaust survivors from Kolomea and surrounding villages that was prepared in Kolomea shortly after the war ended. It is almost ready for posting but I need some assistance dealing with Polish names. The list is of the form:


Wald Mojzesz Chaima i Ruchli


which I interpret as indicating Mojzesz Wald, the son of Chaim and Ruchel, was a survivor. The key is that Mojzesz is in the nominative form while Chaima and Ruchli are in the genitive case. This indicates Mojzesz “of” Chaim and Ruchel, i.e., that Mojzesz is the son of Chaim and Ruchel.


But, a record might be of the form


Wald Chaima


which I interpret as indicating a survivor named Wald was the son or daughter of Chaim, and the survivor’s given name is not known.


Essentially, a group of survivors in Kolomea assembled whatever information they could. Someone may have said “I heard that what’s-his-name, Chaim Wald’s kid, survived.” To make things worse, there are typos in the list and the format is not consistent throughout.


In preparing the database, I am keeping the declensions as in the original document but also giving the nominative forms of the parents’ names as these are more familiar to people. Unfortunately, I don’t speak Polish so I’m having some trouble specifying the nominative forms for about 35 names, listed below. If someone would be so kind as to provide the nominative cases (and check what I assume are genitive cases are really the genitive cases) I could finish the database quickly. I’d be happy to speak by email, text or phone with any interested parties.


This is a small but important database because in many cases it provides additional information like maiden name, address or town, profession, and town of origin. I would greatly appreciate some assistance in making this available.


John Hoenig

Williamsburg, VA


Specific needs: in the lists below, please

1)      Confirm that the name listed as being in the genitive case is, in fact, the genitive case. Then,

2)      Check the column for nominative cases and either provide the nominative case or check whether my supposition about the nominative case is correct.


male nom. case                 male genit. case                comment/question

Mechel?                             Mechla

Pinkas Menaszy                                                          is Menaszy nom. Case? (Is the survivor’s

                                                                                       given name Pinkas or Pinkas Menaszy?)

Gedalia?                             Gedalie

?                                          Zisia

Nuchym?                             Nuchyma

?                                          Noego

?                                          Seidy

Elo?                                     Ela?                                Record says “Lindauer Aron Ela”. Is survivor’s given

              name Aron or Aron Ela?                                          

Jidl?                                     Jidla

Berl?                                    Berla

Ber?                                     Bera

Wiktor?                                Wiktoria

?                                          Wolf                                      record says “Weintraub Wolf i Fridy” Who is the

                                                                                              survivor and who is (are) the parent(s). It seems

                                                                                              Wolf is in the nominative case. So why does the word

                                                                                              i (and) appear?

Nysen?                                 Nysena

Borten?                                Bortena                                Is Borten a surname? Record is “Schifter Solomon Berla



female nom. case             female genit. case            comment/question

Dwora?                             Dwojry

?                                       Etki

Sara?                               Sari

?                                       Miny

?                                       Feige

?                                       Cyli

?                                       Mani

Gitel?                                Gitli

Lea?                                  Lei

Helen?                              Helena                                  record is “Nosikowa Helena Mojzsesza Goldfeld”. Does

                                                                                              this mean Helen Nosikowa was daughter of Mojzsesz


Chane?                            Chany

Rebeka?                          Rebecki

Klara?                              Klary

?                                      Heni

Ester?                             Estery                                   record is “Weitz Lea Fischla i Estery. Why isn’t it Estera?

Frida?                              Fridy


Other questions:

1)      the name Chaim Menaszego appears. Is Chaim Menaszego the given name or does this indicate Chaim was the son of Menaszy?

2)      The name Majer Juda appears. Is Majer Juda the given name or does this indicate Majer was the son of Juda?

3)      Is the name Berka in the genitive form? If so, what is the nominative case, and is this man's name or a woman's name?

4)      in the record "Zinder Rubin Noego i Ester", what is the nominative case of Noego and why isn't the mother specified as Estera? (typo?)